Sunday, September 13, 2009

My very first post


I am a Longarm Machine Quilter based in Melbourne and about to start on my blogging journey. Over time I hope to show some of my customer quilts as well as some of my own quilts. I do both edge-to-edge and custom quilting and would like to start by sharing a beautiful edge-to-edge quilt I quilted recently.

The quilt is from the pattern "Single Girl Quilt" by Denise Schmidt and was made by my customer Peta. The quilt was made for her daughter with gorgeous modern fabrics with a pale pink for the background. Peta wanted to keep the quilting fairly simple and not overpowering, so we decided on a swirly pattern called "Windy Meandering".

Below is a photo of this gorgeous quilt:-

The following photo shows some of the detail of the quilting as well as the beautiful fabrics used:-

This particular quilt seems to be quite popular at the moment - for another example of this quilt being made see:


  1. Congrats on your first post! Welcome to blogland.


  2. Hello Karen, I too am a longarm quilter and new to Blogging! Beautiful quiltin job, it just makes it.
    I am in Louisiana, the US, but would love to share, even if we have so much distance between us!!! Visit my blog at

  3. Welcome to blogland Karen! I love this quilt and as always, you have done a wonderful job quilting x

  4. The Single Girl Quilt & your quilting are FA-BU-LOUS!!!!!
    I ♥ it :)

  5. ongrats on your new blog,I'm looking forward to follow it.

  6. Oh a new blogger how wonderful...Looking forward to some beautiful quilts. Lesley

  7. Karen, your blog is soo inviting, love what you have done and feel inspired in many ways. Your contemporary style meets me taste and I will follow and enjoy your postings about your long arm work! Beautiful.


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