Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Birthday Quilt

I love the stories behind quilts - every quilt seems to have a lovely story either about the maker, the recipient or the reason the quilt is made.  The story behind Liz's quilt appeals to me in particular.  Liz has just celebrated her own 40th Birthday - to celebrate her 40th Birthday and to honour and thank her mother on having reached this significant birthday, she has made a special quilt for her mum.

Liz's mother loves green - this beautiful quilt should therefore appeal to her.  While many of the fabrics in the quilt were new, some fabrics which have been in the family for a long time have also been incorporated in the quilt.  This quilt was rather large and I could not manage to get a photo of the whole quilt.

I quilted Liz's quilt with an all-over design called plumage.  Here are some close-ups of some of the lovely fabrics included and the quilting detail which has added great texture to the quilt.

I hope you have celebrated a wonderful 40th Birthday Liz and that your Mum loves her new quilt.


  1. Happy Birthday Liz and how wonderful to celebrate and remember your Mum on your birthday, after all, she did all the hard work 40 years ago!!! What a beautiful quilt you have made for her, and Karen's quilting is perfect. Thanks Karen for a wonderful quilt and the story behind it xo

  2. What a great reason to celebrate and make a quilt! Love the design and the quilting.


  3. That is a fantastic way to celebrate this birthday milestone. What a beautiful quilt, her mother is sure to cherish it!


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