Monday, April 26, 2010

Fat Quarterly eZine - Windows and Frames Quilt

Fat Quarterly is a new e-magazine written by modern sewists for modern sewists - I can't wait to see the first issue which goes on sale tomorrow Tuesday April, 27th.

Kate from One Flew Over is one of the faces behind this new magazine and for the first issue she has contributed the 'Windows and Frames' Quilt.  Kate made 'Windows and Frames' by upcycling her husband's old business shirts. It is a simple and effective pattern of framed squares enhanced with a crisp white solid.  Kate asked me to quilt this quilt for her and I had a great time quilting it with spirals using the Quilt-EZ template.  Here is the final result:-

I love what the quilting has added to this quilt - the spirals on the squares seem to provide the perfect contrast for this quilt which is otherwise very geometric.  The quilting just kind of happened - initially I quilted spirals in the centre of all the squares.  Having quilted the entire quilt in this way I decided it wasn't quite enough and quilted a spiral on each point where the squares meet.

The quilting also looks great on Kate's pieced back.

I will be heading over to buy a copy of Fat Quarterly here - from what I have seen, it is bound to be a fabulous online magazine full of inspirational quilts.   I can't wait to see other versions of Kate's Windows and Frames Quilt.

Good luck with the magazine girls!


  1. Thanks Karen! I really believe that your quilting makes this quilt.

    Alfie and I have been snuggling up under it tonight - perfect for the little man.

    Thank you again x

  2. You did a wonderful job on the quilting and Thank you for the good wishes!!!

  3. Karen you have done great work on this quilt, it really gives the quilt movement.

  4. I absolutely LOVE the spiral quilting on this quilt!! it really does match the design of the quilt perfectly. If only I lived in Australia, I'm working on a queen sized quilt that I would send to you in a slit second.....

  5. The quilting makes the quilt perfectly.

  6. I'm besotted, Karen, stunning!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  7. Gosh I only just realised you were the one who quilted this quilt - one day when I am rich I am going to send all my quilts to you for quilting!


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