Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Wedding Signature Quilt

Linda from Quilts in the Barn today picked up the beautiful wedding signature quilt which she made for a couple married earlier this year.  Linda organised for patches of fabric to be signed by guests on the wedding day.  The result is this stunning quilt.

The cream sashing in the blocks are made up of the well wishes from many of the wedding guests.  Click on the photos to read the messages.

Even the Bride signed the wedding quilt.

I have quilted the wedding quilt with feather wreaths on the blocks, piano keys in the border and a feather scroll in the blue sashing.

And sometimes a plain back works beautifully - I love this back!

Thanks again Linda and best wishes to the recipients of this quilt - may they enjoy a long marriage full of love and happiness.


  1. I have recently done a few wedding signature quilts too. They are wonderful mementos of their big day. You did a super job on this one!

  2. What a stunning quilt! The quilting is superb, the whole quilt is just amazing. Well done to all involved.

  3. The idea of wedding signatures in a quilt was new to me and it's just great (I am in an age where not that much weddings happen around, maybe in five years the children's weddings will start).
    Karen, your quilting is fabulous, as always!

  4. What a great idea for a very special gift. Linda makes such beautiful quilts. Stunning quilting as always!!

  5. Another beauty! The back is almost as great as the front!

  6. Your quilting is amazing. Wish you were local to me. No wonder Linda was happy to use a white backing fabric. Congratulations.


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