Monday, December 6, 2010


I used to be involved in a large range of craft activities but in recent years have focussed mainly on quilting.  As I don't seem to have the patience for hand piecing, I tend to have some knitting on the go.  A knitting project can take me quite a while to complete as I usually only work on it while watching our kids play sport or on holidays.

I have just finished a lovely shawl using the pattern Ishbel.

This was my fourth Ishbel, all of which have been given as gifts over the last year or so.  The shawl was knitted using Malabrigo Sock Yarn in Lettuce purchased from Eat Sleep Knit.  Ishbel is a lovely, easy knit and makes for a very portable project.  The yarn feels very soft and blocked beautifully.

I know it may be a while before you get to wear your shawl, Steph, as it is certainly not shawl weather in Melbourne at the moment - I hope you enjoy your shawl next winter.

I have decided to knit a different shawl next - I am trying the Haruni shawl which is a free pattern on Ravelry.  What "on the go" projects do you have?


  1. Its gorgeous Karen!! Love the colour!
    I'm currently working on Pot Holders and Placemats for Chrissie presents.

  2. What a lovely shawl. I used to be a knitter and loved to knit while watching TV but now I live in the tropics I only knit when on a long car journey. These days I always have hand piecing, applique or English paper piecing projects ready to take when on the go. Happy stitching!

  3. Stunning Karen! Love the colour especially.
    My 'on the go' list is way too long but I'm getting there.
    Happy christmas!
    Andi x

  4. Love that shawl! Beautiful Karen x

  5. Now that the rain has arrived there still might be an opportunity to use your beautiful shawl! I have plans to revive my knitting, hopefully sometime soon. I love Ravelry!

  6. What a beautiful shawl. I love the colour. I have some tiny hexagons that are my on the go project but they often get shunted aside by different things, at the moment its mug rugs for Christmas presents.


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