Saturday, May 5, 2012

Liberty Circles Quilt

Today's featured quilt is a hand pieced quilt made by my customer Penny.  Penny completed this quilt during classes at Patchwork on Central Park.  It is Penny's version of the amazing Liberty Circles Quilt designed by Angie of Patchwork on Central Park.  As the name suggest, the quilt includes an array of Liberty fabrics.

We decided to keep the quilting fairly simple with radiating lines being quilted from each of the circles.  The circles have been quilted with 1/4 inch outlines and continuous curves.  The stars in the sashing have received some continuous curves and the borders have been quilted with piano keys.

Following are some close-ups of a few of the blocks which certainly demonstrate the intricate piecing involved in this quilt.

Some more photos of this incredible quilt can be found on my flickr account.

Thanks Penny for yet again allowing me to quilt one of your wonderful quilts - enjoy!


  1. That's beautiful, and I really like how you quilted it--it really shows off the lovely blocks.


  2. Wow. I love it. The quilting adds sew much texture. The fabric is lovely. A great quilt. Mary

  3. Beautiful work by both the quilt maker and the quilter.

  4. Beautiful work Karen, it really looks stunning.

  5. Maravilloso trabajo!!
    Los detalles muestran una gran habilidad con el patchwork. Felicitaciones!


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