Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Quilts in the Barn 2012

Last Friday my 12 year old son and I went to the Exhibition at Quilts in the Barn.  This year's exhibition, "Infinite Variety Revisited" was a wonderful display of Red & White Quilts.  To my son's surprise, he too enjoyed the exhibition (especially with a stop at a lolly shop on the way home).

I will leave you with some of the highlights.

A slight bias towards this quilt - see some of my previous posts!

There were many small wallhangings, creating a great display.

A tiny little doll's quilt with matching pillow!

And lots of lovely quilting!

Thank you Linda for another wonderful exhibition at Quilts in the Barn.  Congratulations - I am sure you will have raised lots of much needed funds for breast cancer research.


  1. Fun!! There's just something awe-inspiring about an all red and white exhibition, isn't there? It's super cool in photos, but in person it really takes your breath away.

  2. Just beautiful, and, oh the quilting on the last pic - swoon. QITB is always wonderful, but this year may be the best yet. How fun it would be to attend in person; maybe someday.

  3. Always something eye catching about 2 colour quilts isn't there? Lovely exhibition. And great quilting too! Saw your BOS quilt in Adelaide, stunning too.


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