Sunday, December 2, 2012

Flora's Sawtooth Stripe Quilt

I have finished my niece Flora's 18th Birthday quilt.  After the previous post, someone guessed correctly that the design was a Denyse Schmidt Quilt - it is indeed the Sawtooth Stripe Quilt from her book Modern Quilts Traditional Inspiration.
Flora's quilt has been quilted with the iconic Denyse Schmidt loops which lends the quilt a very modern look.
I have included some wonderful orange fabric in the backing of the quilt which was purchased from Surface Art Design - an Australian based fabric design company. Surface Art embraces colour, form and simplicity which usually results in bold, colourful prints.  A single sawtooth stripe has been included across the back of the quilt - here is a snippet of the front and back of the quilt.
I am thrilled with the lime green and orange colour combination.  I am sure the quilt will look great turned down on Flora's bed.
Having just finished year 12 in Queensland, Flora is coming down to Melbourne to study at University at the start of 2013.  While the weather in Queensland is such that a quilt is almost unneccesary, I am sure she will make good use her quilt in our much colder climate.
Happy 18th Birthday Flora.


  1. Happy Birthday Flora and welcome to Melbourne! Wonderful quilt, love the quilting. Perfect!!

  2. Oh no we use quilts all the time in Brisbane , happy birthday to Flora
    Love the quilt

  3. What a beautiful quilt - I know she will treasure it.

  4. The backing is very tropical so will suit a Queensland climate for its prettiness too!

  5. It is beautiful! Perfect for Melbourne weather.

  6. I've admired this quilt in the book and have it on my list of "to make someday". Yours is a beauty! It must have taken a lot of time to make all those little hst's!

  7. Ooooohhhhh, it turned out lovely! The quilting and backing are gorgeous!

  8. The quilting on this is FABULOUS!!


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