Sunday, September 29, 2013

Quilts in the Barn 2013

I had a wonderful time visiting Quilts in the Barn 2013 on Friday.  It was a glorious Spring day, a wonderful setting, a chance to catch up with quilting friends and a fabulous display of quilts.

The beautiful barn
This year's exhibition was "All About Chintz" and there were certainly some wonderful examples of Chintz quilts.  I loved the two quilts which greeted you from above as you walked into the barn.

The following stunning quilt caught my eye - it has a beautiful chintz  centre surrounded by a plain border.  The quilting on this quilt is simply amazing.  Unfortunately I don't know whose incredible work this is.

I spotted the quilt I only finished quilting last week surrounded by beautiful reproduction fabrics for sale.

Mary Koval from Mary Koval Antique Quilts was this year's guest at Quilts in the Barn.  Mary is an American quilter who has emerged as a leading expert in the field of American quilts and antique fabrics.  Mary had brought with her a collection of vintage quilt tops, fabrics and quilt blocks for sale.  The following is a quilt top which came home with me - it will be treasured and hopefully quilted.  Does anyone know what this quilt block is called?
Thank you Linda for a wonderful exhibition.  I am sure it will have been a great success and you will have raised much needed funds for Breast Cancer Research.  I will look forward to Quilts in the Barn 2014!


  1. I have no idea what that quilt pattern/block is. It is stunning though.

  2. It all looks wonderful!! Linda is amazing for organising such great shows. I really love the quilt top you bought. I haven't seen one like it. I'd love to see it quilted.

  3. Love the quilt you bought but don't know the block name either. Lots of scope for quilting with the white spaces. Am glad to find out now who made and who quilted that stunning chintz quilt with the red borders! I was so impressed when I saw it at QITB.

  4. What a fun show! I just love quilt shows in super venues like this and the Denver Capitol Show. Something extra magical about them.

  5. I really like the quilt that you purchased but don't know the name of. I did find this on Pinterest and it looks like it could be a variation of a "Friendship Knot".


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