Saturday, November 9, 2013

Double Wedding Ring Quilt

I love Double Wedding Ring Quilts and am always impressed by anyone able to piece this design. While I have quilted some DWR Quilts, I have not pieced one myself.  The following beautiful Double Wedding Ring Quilt was hand pieced by my customer Fiona.  Fiona has created a stunning scrappy DWR Quilt with plain white spaces for the quilting design to shine.

My initial idea was to quilt feathers in the white spaces, however, Fiona had a much simpler vision for her quilt.  While designing the quilting motif took me out of my comfort zone, I was really please with result.

The design was quilted with the aid of rulers but did not require much marking - I placed dots on various points of the diagonals and used a small circle and one curved ruler to quilt the design.

Fiona has collected her quilt and was very pleased with the finished quilt - her challenge now will be to bind the curved edges of the DWR Quilt.


  1. What a beautful quilt. The quilting design is brilliant, the starry flower is such a beautiful motif and really captivating.

  2. The quilting really suites the fabrics of the quilt. Beautiful.


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