Sunday, May 25, 2014

1930's Vintage Le Moyne Star Quilt

I have found myself collecting vintage quilt tops with the intention of quilting them.  I must have about eight quilt tops and to date had only quilted one of them.  As a result, I decided that I really needed to get one quilted to justify adding further quilt tops to my collection.

I quilted the following gorgeous 1930's Le Moyne Star quilt which I purchased in Houston in 2011 for  a mere $82USD.  The quilt measures about 68 inches square.  Here is a section of the quilt before quilting:-

I designed the quilting on my recently purchased Wacom Cintiq Tablet.  I love that you can preview quilting designs onto images of the quilt.  This was my quilting design - the final quilting only varies slightly from the original design.

I was thrilled with the final result - I love the secondary design which has been created by the quilting lines.

Some better close-ups of the quilting:-

And a single block:-

That is one quilt top down ... at least 7 to go.


  1. Oh Karen! You have brought this quilt alive with your simply stunning quilting! I don't suppose we could see the back too?! ;-))

  2. this is so pretty now with that quilting design, love it

  3. My total admiration to your talent! This is stunning! You keep inspire me with your work.

  4. This is just wonderful the pictures really show the beautiful work and the lovely design.

  5. The quilt maker would have been so happy to know her quilt would one day be so amazingly quilted!! It's absolutely beautiful!!

  6. Absolutely gorgeous Karen!!

  7. Mmm, love vintage quilts! You have made it sing.

  8. Wow you really transformed this quilt with the quilting! Did you do this on your home machine?? (If you did you are my new personal hero!) Absolutely stunning!

  9. That's stunningly beautiful!!! Wow! Whoever pieced that is just full of glee, now, I'm sure! So so pretty-- well done!


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