Sunday, October 24, 2010

Kermit - Fat Quarterly Quilt Along

Kate from One Flew Over has collected her beautiful Kermit Quilt from me this week.  This quilt was made as part of the Fat Quarterly Quilt Along.

The reason for the name of Kate's quilt becomes apparent quite quickly - it has almost every imaginable shade of green!

I have quilted Kermit with semi circles through each square and petals in the centre squares and corners, creating a floral design in those areas.

Thanks again Kate, you have made a gorgeous spring time quilt!

If you would like see some more of the beautiful quilts created by the Fat Quarterly Quilt Along, go and have a look at the Flickr Fat Quarterly Group - there are several other lovely examples of this quilt.


  1. You have done a fantastic job Karen! Binding to be applied this week.

  2. just lovely and the quilting looks great

  3. This is such a great quilt and the quilting is amazing! You think of patterns I never would come up with.

  4. I love the way you've quilted this!

  5. I love how you added zing to this quilt with the quilting. But I am here on a selfish errand. I wonder if you might advise on how you would quilt my penguin books quilt. It's on my blog and I would really appreciate some royal quilting advice and suggestions! Thank you, Lynne (p.s. heading into London tomorrow and hoping to pop into Liberty...)

  6. Hi,
    I just love this quilt so much that I bought the green Fat Quaters from Robert Kaufman.
    Will not you be sweet and tell me what the white in the middle is called?
    My mail is

    Thanks in advance


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