Monday, March 28, 2011

Blue & Lemon Diamonds Quilt

The quilt I am featuring today has been made by my friend Tiana.  Tiana has made a beautiful and very effective half square triangle quilt resulting in a lay-out of blue and yellow diamonds.

The blue triangles in the quilt have been quilted with continuous curves throughout.  To provide contrast in texture, the yellow diamonds and squares have been quilted with a fern design.

Here is another close-up of the quilting on the diamonds.  The border has been quilted with swags and piano keys.

I am sure the quilt has been worth the wait - happy binding and enjoy the quilt Tiana.


  1. Beautiful! I am a huge fan of the very useful HST and this is a lovely layout.

    Amazing quilting, as always.

  2. gorgeous! I love the HST's and the colors you used.

  3. The quilting plan is perfect for this quilt!

  4. Stunning quilt, both the piecing and the quilting.

  5. This quilt is like shimmery sunlight on rich blue tiles, beautiful! And the quilting is just amazing.


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