Saturday, August 11, 2012

Keep it Simple!

I have recently quilted a number wonderful modern quilts.  The request for these quilts had been to keep the quilting simple and so I obliged.

The first quilt was made by Arlie and is a Denise Schmidt design called Stacking the Odds.

Arlie requested the signature figure 8 Denise Schmidt quilting design which has quilted up beautifully.

Arlie also made the following Strippy Quilt for her son Sammy with a collection of gorgeous fabrics.

With the busy prints, this quilt was not going to be about the quilting.  As a result, simple straight lines were quilted vertically troughout the quilt.  

Finally, two of my regular customers Tamsin and Bridie worked together to make the following Denise Schmidt quilt called What a Bunch of Squares as a gift for a friend's significant birthday.  I love the beautiful colour choices of this quilt.

I have quilted spiral squares 1" apart which has accentuated the straight lines of this quilt.

I hope you have enjoyed this selection of modern quilts - I have certainly enjoyed working on them.


  1. Fun to see the quilting--what a difference different quilting makes! Thanks for showing us these pretty quilts!

  2. Gorgeous quilts! And the quilting makes them 'pop'. Love that figure 8 pattern.

  3. Love the quilting choices for these projects. Love the quilts, too!


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