Sunday, August 26, 2012

Japanese Quilt

Today I would like to share another of my customer Peney's wonderful quilts.  Peney has made a beautiful Japanese Quilt.  Peney's quilts are alway amazingly pieced and her eye for colour is fabulous. 

It took me considerable to work out how to quilt this quilt and Peney certainly waited patiently.  Once I started quilting and let the quilt speak to me, the designs just flowed.

I love the straight lines radiating from the fans, meeting in the centre of the quilt.

The lanterns have been quilted with orange-peel with small setting flowers in between.

The smaller lanterns have been outlined with straight lines and curved lines through the body.  I was also really pleased with the design for the sashing.

Detail of the kimono - very clever use of a prairie point.

Alternating floral designs on snow-ball blocks.

I hope you have enjoyed Peney's quilt - thanks again Peney for allowing me to work on your wonderful quilt. 


  1. Peney's quilt is beautiful, and it's so lovely to see some of the 'up close' of your wonderful quilting! xo

  2. Karen,

    Peney's quilt is gorgeous! I also liked how your quilting highlights the quilt. You do outstanding quilting!


    Linda F

  3. It sure is fabulous. I love the way you've kept a Japanese feeling with the motifs.

  4. WOW!!! That is stunning! Brilliant top matched by brilliant quilting!


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