Friday, September 7, 2012

Anne's 7th Birthday Quilt

I have just finished quilting a very pretty floral quilt made by my customer Kate.  Kate has made the quilt for her daughter Anne's birthday - Anne is turning 7 this weekend and she loves roses.  I am sure she is going to love this quilt - it is a simple design of floral squares sashed with a solid white fabric.

Anne's quilt has been quilted with one of my favourite designs, Daisies Galore to tie in with the floral theme.  I love the way the small daisies stand out on the white fabric.

Kate has also been very creative with the back of Anne's quilt.  Kate has four children and the hands of Dad, Mum, big brother, big sister, Anne and little sister have been appliqued across the back of the quilt - a very special and thoughtful touch!

Happy Birthday Anne - I am sure you will love your new quilt.


  1. Such a creative idea for the back - I know she will love this one.

  2. "Daisies Galore" is perfect for that quilt! It's so charming both on the front and the back.

  3. Gorgeous - great back. I may need to use this idea!

  4. Karen, Thank you for your beautiful quilting. Anne adores her quilt! Kate x


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