Saturday, February 16, 2013

Hand Pieced Hexagon Star Quilt

My sister, Rita from Red Pepper Quilts has just blogged her beautiful Mother In Law's Hexagon Star Quilt.  I had the pleasure of quilting this quilt for her MIL so thought I would share this quilt with you as well.  Rita has given me permission to show some of her wonderful photos of this quilt.
Image by Red Pepper Quilts - used with permission
Jan has spent some three years hand-piecing this quilt - her piecing is incredibly accurate.  Much of the quilt has been fussy cut, resulting in some great stars.

Images by Red Pepper Quilts - used with permission
An all-over feather design was quilted, however, this quilt is truly about the magnificent piecing and fabulous fabric selection rather than the quilting.
I have quilted a similar quilt for Maree, a friend of Jan's which was blogged here previously.  Jan is obviously part of a very talented group of quilters.


  1. This is such a fabulous fun and beautiful quilt!!

  2. Oh my gosh! What a fantastic work! Labor of love, and it shows. I could look at these stars for hours :D

  3. Beautiful, she must be pleased with the outcome, all her hard work has paid off.

  4. what a shame you live so far away! I have given you my quilts for quilting! working beautifully!

    Françoise (Italy)


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