Saturday, October 11, 2014

Gammill Classic Plus For Sale - SOLD

I have decided to upgrade my Longarm Quilting Machine and would therefore like to sell my Gammill Classic Plus.

The machine is a 2006 Gammill Classic Plus which is in excellent condition and perfect working order.  It has been used on a part-time basis operating 2 days per week during that time.

The machine has the following features:
26" by 10" Throat Space with 21" quilting area;
Stitch-Regulated & Manual stitching modes;
Electronic Needle Positioner and Single Stitch;
Horizontal and Vertical Channel Locks;
Low Bobbin Alert;
Run-Time Clock;
Dual Data Display Panels - for pantograph quilting and freehand quilting;
Double-Capacity Bobbin;
Built-On Bobbin Winder;
WorkStation Attachment for Circles, Ovals and more;
Portable Stylaser;
Built in Light Fixture;
Edge-Rider Wheels;
Steel 12' Powder Coated Stand with Pivotal Access;

Extended Throat Plate, providing a larger flat surface for ruler work;
Horizontal Small Spool Holder for using small spools of thread
Large Spool Holder for using larger cones of thread
Owner's Manual
Numerous M size Bobbins;
Spare Bobbin Case;

My Gammill has served me well in my quilting business and has also been used to quilt my personal quilts including various award winning show quilts.  The machine would be great for someone wanting to start a machine quilting business or for personal use.

Buyer would need to pay for transport or pick up from Northcote, an inner Melbourne suburb. Australian purchasers only!  Please email me privately at if you would like further information or are interested in purchasing my machine.



  1. Oh, if I only had the room! (And the money, for that matter!) Good luck with the sale Karen.

  2. It's fun to see a photo of you! And how exciting that you are upgrading. Wishing you a speedy sale.

  3. How exciting a new machine, obviously you have made a big decision since I saw you last, Good for you, I hope it sells quick, cant wait to see the masterpieces you create on your new machine, whoop whoop!!!


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