Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Co-ordinated Chaos Quilt

Last week my sister Rita from Red Pepper Quilts made the Co-ordinated Chaos Quilt from the Rowan book a Colorful Journey.  When I saw Rita's quilt I realised that I had quilted a version of this quilt for my customer Isobel some time ago.

Here is Rita's version of the Chaos Quilt.

Photo courtesy of  Red Pepper Quilts

One of the many things I love about quilting is that a quilt pattern made by different quilters can result in vastly different quilts.  I love that even when quilters are making a quilt from a pattern, they are always adding a little bit of themselves.

This is Isobel's version of the Co-ordinated Chaos Quilt.

While both Rita and Isobel have used Kaffe Fassett shot cottons and checks and stripes, the colour palettes are quite different.  Rita has included blues and greens while Isobel has relied on reds, pinks, yellow and blues.

The quilting too is strikingly different between these two quilts.  Rita has quilted straight line quilting in both directions to great effect.

Photo courtesy of Red Pepper Quilts

I quilted Isobel's quilt with swirls and feathers quilted in alternating directions.

I have enjoyed the opportunity to compare and contrast these two beautiful quilts.  Thanks to Rita for allowing me to use the images of her quilt.  Thanks also to Isobel for allowing me to quilt her Chaos Quilt - it was a fun quilt to work on.


  1. Isn't it amazing what different colours can do to a quilt. Both lovely quilts and you know how much I love the swirls.

  2. I always love to see this type of comparison. They are both equally wonderful quilts, but different in so many ways. I just love both!!

  3. I was looking at both of these quilts on Flickr this morning and thinking the same thing. They are both beautiful, yet have a slightly different look and feel.

  4. I love how 2 people (or in this case 3) can interpret the same design so differently and they both come out looking wonderful.
    Thanks Karen.

  5. What a differents colour and quilting can make.
    Love them both!!!

  6. I love the comparison! They are so different, but both divine.


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