Friday, March 19, 2010

Purple & Yellow Quilt

Having just quilted several custom quilts, it was a pleasure to quilt an edge-to-edge quilt again.  The quilt I am featuring today was made by my customer Liz.  She has made the quilt as a gift for someone whose favourite colour is purple.  Liz has made a beautiful quilt - she has used a beautiful range of fabrics and the combination of purple and yellow is striking.

I have used one of my favourite patterns, Splash by Jodi Beamish, on this quilt.  This pattern tends to look great on modern quilts -it has added some lovely texture and movement.

I hope your gift is well received Liz - it has certainly met the purple criteria!


  1. It certainly is striking! The quilting as always, looks fantastic.

  2. ooh purple, yellow and lime, how wonderful! Your quilting certainly is perfect as usual and it is a lovely design. xo

  3. Purple and yellow is such a great combo. I love it in this quilt. I am with you about movement and texture when quilting an edge to edge. This design was a perfect fit for this quilt.

  4. WOW!...the quilting is beautiful! and I love this fabric...(got to meet Pamela Mostek last fall - very creative quilter!). I'm sure this gift will be greatly appreciated!


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