Friday, March 12, 2010

Teddy Bear's Picnic Quilt

I have just had the pleasure of quilting my customer Denise's very cute Teddy Bear's Picnic Quilt.  Denise has made this quilt for her grandson's birthday.


Inspired by the quilting on this quilt, I quilted some whimsical detail into each of the blocks - see if you can spot the quilted leaves, flowers, butterfly, fruit, heart, sun, balloon and boat in these blocks.

The above block also shows the border which has been quilted with swags and feathers.

The following block with the little sailor and his boat is my favourite - I love how the quilted boat turned out.

Close-ups of the other blocks in this quilt are on my flickr page if you would like to see more. 

Denise picked up her quilt today and was thrilled - I hope her grandson loves the quilt as much as she does.  I certainly had a great time quilting it.


  1. Dear God Karen!! A serious, serious amount of work has gone into quilting this baby! Well done!!

  2. So cute! In particular I love the little boat you have quilted in the background in the last pic.


  3. Really cute quilt and the quilting that you did just makes it even better. I am sure her grandson will just love it!

  4. What a great idea! I'm going to remember that, a great way to dress up a simple background fill!! I like your sashing treatment too.

  5. Very cute quilt, the quilting was so pretty! HAPPY SEWING

  6. Well done Karen!!!
    Looks beautifull.

  7. Karen, it's adorable! I'm tickled to pieces that you were inspired by the quilt that I did! What a wonderful compliment! I think you did an outstanding job of bringing out the best in each little block!


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