Wednesday, May 27, 2015

In Full Bloom

I have recently had the pleasure of quilting a Sue Spargo quilt called In Full Bloom for my customer Penny.  Penny completed this quilt as part of Sue Spargo's 2014 Block of the Month Quilt Programme.

In Full Bloom is made with beautiful wool fabric and incorporates applique and lots of embroidery embellishments.  I am sure you will agree it is a stunning quilt.

I had lots of fun with the quilting, using a number of different background designs.

I did particularly like the feathered border -

The pattern for In Full Bloom was released recently at Spring Market.


  1. Awesome quilt!! I'm impressed at how you always know the right quilting design to add to a quilt.

  2. Your quilting choices always brings an extra dimension to even the most beautiful of quilts Karen! And a very happy customer, I bet!

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