Friday, February 5, 2010

First Quilt for 2010

Finally - I have finished my first quilt for 2010!

The quilt I am sharing today is my customer Anne's quilt who has made a traditional sampler quilt.  I love the traditions of quilting and the fact that many quilters start on their quilting journey with a sampler quilt.  This is Anne's first quilt and she had done a great job hand piecing it.

I think it took me a while to get started with quilting this year as this first quilt was a custom quilt and quite a challenge on the brain with each block being different.  As you can see, I went with lots of feathers, some continuous curves and line-dancing.  Here are some of the blocks:-

The border has been quilted with swags with feathers in them.  The pink sashing has a swirl design while the white and green sashing have yet more feathers.

There are several more photos of different blocks on my Flickr page for anyone interested.

I hope Anne will be pleased with her quilt and that this is the start of a great quilting journey for her.  I am off to do a quilt with an all-over design now..


  1. So much work has gone into this quilt...from both yourself and Anne. Stunning.

  2. Amazing free motion quilting as always! Beautiful quilt, Anne.


  3. Gorgeous Quilt! To think that this was her first quilt and that she hand pieced it, just wonderful! The quilting is fabulous as usual.

  4. Sensational Quilting and Anne has done a great job. I love the colours!

  5. Who wouldn't be pleased with that? Your custom quilting is absolutely fabulous! It really enhances the quilt!

  6. Anne did a wonderful job. I can't believe it's her first quilt. And your quilting is amazing! I love those feathers!

  7. You do such beautiful work Karen.

  8. Yay ... you've got your 2010 ball rolling!
    Great to have you back!

  9. Beautiful job Karen,and Anne done such a first

  10. VERY NICE -- I like the feathers in the squares.


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