Sunday, February 21, 2010

Modern Sampler Quilt

Kate from One Flew Over has once again made a stunning quilt which I have had the pleasure to quilt.  Kate has made a Modern Sampler Quilt, using simple blocks made with gorgeous fabrics set with a cotton-linen blend sashing in a grey colour.

Kate's only quilting instructions to me were that she did not want feathers.  Inspired by the quilting on this Sampler Quilt we decided to quilt Kate's quilt with Baptist Fans and I think the result is rather striking in its simplicity.

The quilting design has added a lovely movement and texture to the quilt.  Here are some closer shots.

My favourite block:-

Kate has used a plain white fabric on the back with a wide strip of a beautiful Liberty fabric.  The back shows the quilting beautifully.

I hope you enjoy your quilt Kate - as usual, it has been a delight to work on and has resulted in a fabulous quilt.


  1. The Baptist Fan is a very classic and versatile quilting design that really looks great on almost any quilt. It really makes this quilt just shine! Great quilt and terrific quilting.

  2. I love the quilting pattern you have chosen for this quilt, it suits the style of the quilt.

    What a lovely and modern quilt.

  3. Love the fans! Just perfect for this quilt!


  4. I love babtist fan... Did you use Quilt EZ boards????

  5. Stunning results ... Why is it called Baptist Fan?
    Do you know?

  6. Stunning work ... both of you!!!

  7. It looks FANTASTIC - I just love, love those fans!


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