Monday, November 9, 2009

Birds of Paradise Quilt

I recently quilted this "Birds of Paradise Quilt" for Kate from One Flew Over.  Kate made this quilt as an engagement present with fabrics chosen by the recipient of her gift.  As Kate mentioned in her blog, the fabrics are perhaps not those that she would have chosen herself and she was not all that excited with the end result.  I think beauty is in the eye of the beholder, however, and I for one really love this quilt - it is a beautifully fresh looking quilt.

I quilted this quilt with what appears to be my new favourite pattern called Gothic Vine - it is a lovely elegant pattern.

I particularly liked Kate's use of a plain white backing which made the quilting stand out beautifully.  I tend to love a plain backing - as long as you can match the thread to the backing fabric.

I hope this quilt was well received Kate - I am sure it will be loved and that the amount of work you put into it will be appreciated.


  1. What a beautiful engagement present! Love the swirly quilting, and how it stands out on the back of the quilt.


  2. Such a great quilting pattern.

  3. My brother and his fiance LOVE the quilt! Thanks for doign such a great job Karen!

  4. Love the panthograph you have choosen. You're right: A plain backing shows the lines perfectly.
    So what are you doing, if the top is not appropriate for choosing a thread which meets the backing's color? Any good advice?

  5. Love that panto pattern - I'll have to remember it (who's the designer?)

  6. I'm with you I love this one of Kate's too. Your quilting looks fabulous, especially how it stands out so beautifully on the plain backing xo

  7. Hey there Karen . . . love all those little stitches!
    thanks for becoming a follower!

  8. Hello Miriam - the Gothic Vine pantograph is by Jodi Beamish.
    Brigitte - I prefer to quilt with the same colour thread in the top and bottom. This sometimes means a contrasting thread on the back.

  9. I think the quilt is gorgeous and your quilting outstanding.

  10. I think your quilting and the quilt is gorgeous. Who is the designer of Gothic Vine I have never seen it before? email:


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