Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hearts in Bloom Quilt

Although it is still Spring in Melbourne, the last week has made it feel like Summer has arrived early.  We have just had a rather hot week with a number of days with temperatures over 30 degrees Celcius.  It is almost too hot to quilt although I still have quite a few quilts to complete before Christmas.

Last week I finished a quilt which has a bright and summery feel about it for my customer Maree.  It is a scrappy, square-in-a-square quilt which has used a larger number of fresh, beautifully colourful fabrics.

This quilt has been quilted with a design from one of my favourite designers,  Timeless Quilting Designs.  The pattern is called Hearts in Bloom which, as the name suggests, is a heart and daisy meander which ties in well with the many daisies featured in the prints.

I hope Maree enjoyes her new Hearts in Bloom quilt and that you have enjoyed reading about this cheerful quilt - enjoy the rest of your weekend and happy quilting.


  1. Gorgeous fabrics.
    The quilting pattern is just perfect.
    Andi :-)

  2. The quilt is just gorgeous! The quilting design fits it just perfect.

  3. cute quilt, and another panto that I like! I'm jealous of your spring and summer weather, we're heading into winter here - had some snowflakes yesterday, yuck!

  4. I love your ever so confident stitching!
    Awesome work Karen

  5. oh karen your quilts and blog are just gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lovely to meet you on saturday!


  6. Lovely quilt - great fabric choices. The quilting is gorgeous - I do love the daisies.


  7. Your quilting is fantastic! How lucky your customers are!


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