Saturday, November 21, 2009

Japanese Flower Garden

I love the versatility of patchwork - the fact that you can take a traditional pattern like Grandmother's Flower Garden and make it in a totally different style.  I have just finished quilting a Grandmother's Flower Garden Quilt for my customer Dorothy who has made a stunning Japanese version of this very traditional pattern.  This quilt was hand pieced using the english paper piecing method.

I quilted this quilt with Baptist Fans which was done using the Quilt Ez templates.  The Quilt Ez templates are an easy system to use - the templates sit on the quilting table and a stylus drops into the grooves.  It is then a matter of following the grooves with the stylus as you quilt.  With a little bit of care where over-stitching is required you get a great result.

I love the end result on Dorothy's quilt - a traditional quilting design on a modern version of a traditional quilt.

Dorothy has also put some beautiful detail into this quilt.  Each of the centres of the flowers has sashiko stitching on it as has the outside border.

I hope you have enjoyed Dorothy's Japanese Flower Garden.  Happy quilting...


  1. Oh Wow, what a brilliant way to quilt over hexagons. I never know how to quilt hexies, but I love how they look quilted like this! Thanks for the link to the templates too. I would love a long arm quilter one day. Dorothy's quilt is very beautiful by the way. xo

  2. What a terrific Grandmother's flower garden. The colors are terrific and the quilting is gorgeous.

  3. Love the mix of the traditional pattern and japanese fabrics. Great choice too for the quilting design. Lovely quilt.


  4. What a fabulous quilt! I love the quilting with those hexies! Fabulous!

  5. A fantastic the fabric choices and your quilting really compliments the design.

  6. Stunning quilt.
    The quilting design works perfectly!!

  7. Looks terrific - I bet yours went faster than mine did!! (at least I hope so!)

  8. I like it! That ez quilter looks awesome. Mine has a laser light to follow paper, but no stylus or grooves. It seems that would be easier :)


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