Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Parcel from France

When I got home from work yesterday, my husband declared that I had received a "funny little parcel from France".  It is always very exciting getting a parcel in the post - a parcel from France seems to be even more exciting.  I received this beautifully handwritten envelope from Anna's Etsy Shop, Lilla Lotta.

Lilla Lotta has a fabulous selection of handmade cotton tapes including custom made tapes.  My parcel contained my custom made Quilts on Bastings quilt labels and I am thrilled with them.  I intend to use them for quilts that I make to sell and my personal quilts.

The labels are a great addition to my recently designed logo, business cards and flyer.  After years of using home printed flyers, it is great to have some professional looking stationery and labels.

Now all I need is some time to make some quilts for myself to use my labels on.  I am hoping to squeeze in some personal sewing once all my Christmas orders are completed.


  1. Love love the custom made tape - I am a huge Lilla Lotta fan! Parcels from anywhere are the best aren't they?

    Love the new logo too - very professional!


  2. The custom tape does look really professional, and so do the business cards and flyers. I love your logo!

  3. Wonderful addition! Like you I have a difficult time squeezing in my own. I have accumulated lots of tops over the years, but they really do need to become quilts at some point.

  4. Really cool - hmmmm, maybe something I should think about. quilt your own tops? What a novel idea!!

  5. Great logo and I just love the tape!

  6. The tape looks great and will make great labels.
    Now to some 'personal' sewing so you can actually USE them.
    Andi :-)

  7. oh lovely!
    I love a Europeans script style!
    Love the label tape too!
    & your logo I have admired for a while!
    Good work!

  8. Love the custom made Quilts on Basting quilt labels.
    Now to find some time to use them.

  9. Great labels. I've seen some similar before, and I'm very happy to know about Lilla Lotta.

  10. Wow Karen your labels look fabulous, thanks for her link, your cards and logo are great too, very professional, how fun. xo

  11. Very professional Karen, love the labels, hope you get some time to make up some quilts.

  12. I love that tape, and your printed materials are beautiful. Anyone seeing those cards and flyers knows immediately that you are a person with excellent taste and a talent for design. Well done!


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