Wednesday, January 26, 2011

International Patchwork & Quilting Magazines

I have just returned from our annual summer holiday - we have had a lovely time of beaches, sunshine, relaxation, the company of family and friends and too much good food and wine.  It is great to be back and I am just starting to get back into quilting.  I hope everyone has enjoyed a great festive season and has had a wonderful start to 2011.

On my return from holidays I was thrilled to find a collection of quilting magazines amongst my mail.  I had ordered a number of back issues of the American magazine Machine Quilting Unlimited which, as the title suggests, is mainly concerned with machine quilting.  In addition, I received a German Patchwork magazine as a result of liaising with Brigitte Heitland of Farbstoff.

Some time ago, Brigitte had emailed me, asking permission to use a number of my photos in an article on the subject of machine quilting which she was writing for the German Patchwork Magazine.  The article has resulted in a fabulous look with a combination of photos by Brigitte and myself depicting the different styles of machine quilting possible.  Unfortunately, apart from the title, I will need someone to translate it for me!  Thank you again Brigitte for sending me a copy of this magazine - it was great to be involved.

I love reading the Machine Quilting Unlimited magazines - they are always full of wonderfully quilted quilts, great tips on different quilting techniques and often very useful articles on maintenance specifically for longarm machines.  In the January 2011 issue I was thrilled to find an article on the Australian Machine Quilting Festival which I attended last year in Adelaide in early October. 

I was even more thrilled to find that the article included a photo of my Field of Flowers Quilt which had won first place in the Edge To Edge category.

I hope everyone in Australia is enjoying a relaxing Australia Day holiday.  Back to quilting soon ...