Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tree of Life Quilt

One of the things I love about quilting is that there is a different quilt and style for almost every quilter.  I particularly love the fact that there are different styles of quilts linked to different cultures.  The vast range of quilts which come to me to be quilted never ceases to amaze me and I was very excited to be able to quilt this Indian Tree of Life Quilt for Kate.

Kate gave me some background information on her purchased Tree of Life quilt top.  Kate was backpacking around India more than 10 years ago and saw some women working on one of the bedspreads in Jailsamer, Rajasthan.  As an impoverished traveller with very little room in her luggage she couldn't buy one, but always regretted it. Years later her parents went to India on a far more 5-star trip, and Kate's Mum was given very strict instructions to try and find a Tree of Life quilt.  Kate's Mum spent a whole day schlepping around the shops in Jailsamer and finally found one, which cost a lot more than the original quilt Kate had seen all those years ago.  Being a good mum, she bought it anyway, and the quilt has finally made it to me to be quilted.

This Tree of Life Quilt is large - some 88 x 104 inches.  The quilt has been entirely made using hand applique.  Each tree, including the large central tree, is made from one piece of fabric which has been appliqued using the needle turn method.  The central tree is about 50 inches tall.

In keeping with the simplicity of this two-toned quilt, I have quilted around all the applique, including all those leaves, and filled the background with swirls.  The outside border has been quilted with a freeform feather style design including more swirls.

While I spent quite a long time quilting this quilt, I couldn't help thinking how long the Indian quilters had spent working on this wonderful quilt top.

I hope you enjoy your quilt Kate - I am sure it will provide a wonderful memory of your travels.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Easter in Ballarat

My family spent a delightful long weekend in Ballarat over the Easter break.  Of course no visit to Ballarat is complete without dropping in to the wonderful Ballarat Patchwork.  I was fortunate enough to visit on the day they reopened after renovating and they were celebrating with a 20% off all stock sale!

Ballarat Patchwork is a feast for the quilter.  I took the following photos which I was permitted to share by Emma from Ballarat Patchwork.  The shop has an amazing range of bright, modern fabrics, books and patterns all displayed beautifully.

I fell in love with their display of quilts.

And these softies took my fancy ...

Of course it was impossible to leave empty handed.  I bought some black Hanky Linen fabric to make the Amy Butler Liverpool Tunic - yes, an item of clothing, not a quilt!  We will see how I go - the idea of making button holes is scaring me - wish me luck.