Sunday, November 28, 2010

Vintage Fabric Linen Quilt

My customer Linda Bear from Somerset Patchwork & Quilting has designed and made the most wonderful quilt using vintage linen fabrics.  Linda's quilt was made from linen curtain fabric which came from her grandparents' farmhouse.

Each of the squares in this quilt has been made from the same fabric.  Linda has carefully fussy cut 4 triangles for each square creating a kaleidoscope effect in each.  The light and dark squares have come about with the careful selection of light and dark areas of the curtain fabric.  I was amazed at the incredible number of different squares she has managed to create - closer examination of the lighter squares reveals an amazing array of designs which are not initially apparent.

There must have been a huge amount of curtain fabric to enable the creation of this quilt.  Linda did say that she still has a considerable quantity of the fabric left.

Linda's quilt has been quilted with cross hatching on the darker squares.   The cross-hatching is alternated with feathers which wind themselves through the remaining areas of the quilt.

The back too is wonderful.  Linda selected a backing fabric with a small print which still allows the quilting design to show.

Thanks for letting me quilt this stunning quilt Linda - I enjoyed the challenge and love the end result.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Random Reflections Quilt

Today I would like to feature a quilt which has been made by my customer Evelyn.  Evelyn has made the Random Reflections Quilt which is a free pattern by Moda Bakeshop.  The pattern can be found here and comes together really quickly using just 2 jelly rolls of fabric - 1 jelly roll of a range of prints and 1 jelly roll of a solid fabric.  Evelyn has used the Freebird Collection by Momo for Moda for her prints and Moda Solids in Snow.

To tie in with the many floral fabrics used in this quilt, we decided to use an all-over design called Daisies Galore by Timeless Quilting Designs.  I must admit, I love a quilt which has some areas of solid fabric where the quilting can be a feature - Evelyn's quilt has quilted up beautifully.

Evelyn's quilt is a wonderful example of a quilt which looks great quilted with an all-over design.  I hope you are enjoying your lovely quilt Evelyn.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

My First Vintage Quilt Top

I am afraid I may have started something which will be hard to stop...  I have been trawling ebay and the internet looking for vintage quilt tops to buy - a new addiction perhaps.  I love the look of vintage quilts.  I don't seem to find much time to piece my own quilts but would really like to quilt some quilts for myself.  Buying a vintage quilt top would solve the need to piece my own quilts. 

While I was in Adelaide recently at the AMQF, I did a class with Pam Clarke, an American Longarm Quilter and teacher, who has quilted many vintage quilt tops.  Her view is that unless it is a blue ribbon quilt top it is better to finish it than to have it sit in a cupboard and not be used.  Apparently there are so many vintage quilt tops in America that some real bargains can still be picked up.

My first vintage quilt top is a Lone Star Quilt made in solids.  I love solid quilts and I am hoping that the quilting will eventually be a real feature.  The name of the maker was Eva Stelters and the quilt top originates from Oklahoma.  The quilt was bought from Buckboard Antique Quilts.

Perhaps it is just the perfectionist in me coming out, but I have decided that the corner squares and setting triangles are too big for the quilt causing it to not quite lie flat.  I am going to remake the corners and insert new setting triangles.  It will make the quilting much easier.  So much for my time saving theory...

I have sourced matching fabrics from Kona Solids using the Kona Solids Color Chart - it is great to be able to see the actual fabrics rather than trying to match colors on a computer screen.  As usual, the fabrics arrived promptly from The Fabric Shack

I am looking forward to finishing Eva's quilt - hopefully it will become a much treasured and used quilt.

Oh, my second vintage quilt top is currently on the way from America.  I have stopped myself from looking at any more vintage quilt tops on the internet ... for now.