Friday, March 15, 2013

Hanging Lanterns Quilt

I have had a great time quilting Cherry's wonderful Hanging Lanterns Quilt.  The Hanging Lanterns Quilt is a pattern from Sarah Fielke's book Quilting:  from Little Things.  Cherry said that the making of her quilt has been a labour of love, spending so much time hand appliquéing that she couldn't face hand quilting it as well.  Cherry certainly did a wonderful job piecing the quilt and it was a pleasure to quilt. 

The quilting elements chosen were continuous curves on the dresden plate segments, loops in the blue background fabric and figure eights through the centres of the dresden plates.

Cherry has made this quilt for her young daughter - I am sure she will love it.  I certainly love the strawberry and chocolate colour combination on the blue background!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Finished Jane Austen Quilt

Jenny's quilt is finished and I am thrilled with how this wonderful Jane Austen Quilt has turned out.  It may have sixty-four diamonds which have been quilted in sweltering Melbourne heat, but it has all been worthwhile.
Each of the diamonds has been quilted with curved cross-hatching.  The centre applique has been quilted with radiating straight lines to tie in with the straight lines in the setting diamonds.
The setting diamonds have been quilted with radiating lines which extend into the piano key border.

Enjoy your fabulous quilt Jenny!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

On the Machine At the Moment - Jane Austen Quilt

I am busy quilting curved cross hatching on sixty-four Jane Austen diamonds! Only thirty-two to go ...  Pieced by my customer Jenny with incredible precision, it is a beautiful reproduction of the Jane Austen Quilt.  I will show you more once I have finished quilting it.

Wish me luck!