Sunday, May 25, 2014

1930's Vintage Le Moyne Star Quilt

I have found myself collecting vintage quilt tops with the intention of quilting them.  I must have about eight quilt tops and to date had only quilted one of them.  As a result, I decided that I really needed to get one quilted to justify adding further quilt tops to my collection.

I quilted the following gorgeous 1930's Le Moyne Star quilt which I purchased in Houston in 2011 for  a mere $82USD.  The quilt measures about 68 inches square.  Here is a section of the quilt before quilting:-

I designed the quilting on my recently purchased Wacom Cintiq Tablet.  I love that you can preview quilting designs onto images of the quilt.  This was my quilting design - the final quilting only varies slightly from the original design.

I was thrilled with the final result - I love the secondary design which has been created by the quilting lines.

Some better close-ups of the quilting:-

And a single block:-

That is one quilt top down ... at least 7 to go.