Monday, December 28, 2009

A Holiday Project

As I tend not to quilt during January while the kids are home on summer holidays, I decided I needed a summer project.  I have decided to see how I go with crocheting a throw and was lucky enough to be given the book "200 Crochet Blocks" by Jan Eaton for Christmas.  I have bought some organic cotton from Ecoyarns in lovely muted colours of cream, browns and greens.

I have completed four blocks so far and am pleased with the results.  The blocks I have finished are:
No. 189 Willow
No. 94 Gothic Square
No. 47 Queen Anne's Lace
and No. 209 Marigold

With that, I am going to be signing off for a while to enjoy our summer break with family.   I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas and that 2010 may bring health and happiness.

I will see you back in 2010 to hopefully share many more beautiful quilts.

Best wishes,


  1. I have never crocheted a stitch in my life, so I am VERY impressed by your lovely blocks. Actually, I've never felt the desire to learn, but those blocks are really calling to me.

  2. gorgeous and snap! I just posted some crochet on my blog this morning and gathered all my yarn together as sometimes I'm just not in the mood to sit at machine and crochet is perfect and portable!

    must get that book, I've been seeing it around the blogs!


  3. Your crochet blocks look great, love the colors you have chosen for this project.


  4. Love your blocks,keeps you busy!!!!
    Happy Holidays.

  5. Great crochet, love the colours! Happy New Year to you and your family Karen xo

  6. Love the colours please teach me. Penny

  7. Hi there Karen,
    I hope you've had a lovely summer break?
    I've 'tagged' you for a 7 RED things game ... hope you will play ...?



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