Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pick-Pocket Nurses (now Quilter's) Tool Belt

I have spent some considerable time over the last week in the emergency department of our local hospital.  My husband was the patient and he is now on the way to recovering.  While there, however, I had plenty of time to notice that many of the nursing staff were wearing a small tool belt around their waist for their scissors, tape, pens, keys etc.

As a longarm machine quilter, I am always putting down my scissors and then having to figure out exactly where I have left them, to the point of frustration.  I often find myself walking all the way around to the other side of the quilting machine to pick up my scissors.  I had considered a tool belt before but had not found anything small enough that wasn't going to get in the way while quilting, until last week.

I found the Pick-Pocket Nurses Tool Belt online at Multipoint Technologies and at $15AUD including postage thought it a bargain.  My Nurses Quilter's Tool Belt arrived in the mail today - I will now hopefully be able to put my hands on my scissors and other small tools at all times.


  1. So glad to hear that your husband is recovering - is he a good patient?

    That tool belt is a must have, I am going to go and order one now!


  2. Hi Karen, sorry to hear your hubby has been unwell, hope he is getting better. I saw a similar tool belt the other day on a blog and thought what a great idea. Now you can get more done as you will save more time.

  3. that looks like a really cool tool pocket! Wishing there was a US distributor!

  4. Hop eyour hubbie is on the mend!


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