Sunday, August 17, 2014

Quilt Ladder

My studio is fairly small - there is not a lot of storage space and not much wall space to display quilts.  I had recently seen some great Quilt Ladders online and asked my very handy Dad to make me one.  Dad is a retired tiler and very handy with carpentry, bricklaying and many other trades.  Two weeks after my request, my quilt ladder is home and he has done a fabulous job.

With 10' ceilings, I was able to have a 9' ladder built - the ladder is about 20" wide and the rungs are spaced about 17" apart placed on an angle to accommodate the quilts.

I spent this Sunday morning selecting a range of quilts and quilt tops to display - I managed to take a picture of the now tidy section of my room.  It will be great to be able to easily change the quilts on display.

Thanks Dad for a great job - I might see if I need any more quilt ladders for elsewhere in the house.


  1. What a great addition to your quilting space. You are very lucky to have a Dad who is willing and able to do such things. Thanks for sharing on your blog.

  2. Love the ladder! Your dad will be taking orders for them soon! Love the 'blue ribbon' too! All your work deserves recognition!

  3. 3 cheers for your dad for making you such a great quilt ladder! I love your collection of quilts! that green wedding ring really caught my eye.


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