Sunday, August 23, 2015

Opals - A Finished Quilt

I have been trying to finish some of my UFO's and have finally managed to put the binding on this little wholecloth quilt which was quilted some time ago.

"Opals" is made from a pre-printed Bernatex Wholecloth Quilt Top which I purchased when I went to Houston in 2011.  I found the pre-printed quilt top a great way to improve my accuracy in following quilting lines.  The quilt measures about 38 inches square.

I wanted to do something a little different rather than just quilt as is so I added cut-away shadow trapunto.  I used a custom dyed fabric for the layer between the cut-away trapunto and the wadding - it was a very bold piece dyed for me by She's Got Mojo.  I also added pebbling around the feathered motifs and in the border.

The end result has been fairly subtle - I might like to try this again with a slighly more transparent quilt top for a bolder effect.  Nevertheless, I do quite like the subtle opal shading which it has created.


  1. Just beautiful Karen! The soft subtle colours of the extra layer adds another dimension to your wonderful quilting! Maybe we will see it in a quilt show in the future?

  2. So Beautiful Karen, I love the soft colours

  3. Ohhh Karen!!!!! how utterly amaizing! You inspire me so much with your beautiful work!!

  4. I love the way you clipped off the crosshatching and added pebbles. That really takes this up a notch!

  5. Your work is exquisite!! I love the way you add subtle colour with fabric underneath.

  6. Do you think the dyes in the back material might leach or bleed into the white if dampened at some point. Dye catchers probably won't work because the dye will go through the white first. You know might create a neat effect if it is even. But it is meant for a wall hanging so hopefully it won't get wet. BEAUTIFUL WORK! Just gorgeous!

    1. Thanks Sandi - the quilt has been wet as I had to soak it to remove the blue quilting lines. The colour did not run in this case although I have used this technique on other quilts where it has run - with interesting results at times.


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