Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Single Girl with Daisies

It seems like a long time ago that I blogged my very first post which was a Single Girl Quilt.  I have once again quilted a Single Girl quilt, this time for my customer Lonnie.  The Single Girl quilt is a very popular design by Denise Schmidt.   Lonnie has made a gorgeous version of this quilt in a range of pinks with splashes of yellow on a solid background for her 10 year old niece.  This is Lonnie's first quilt which has been pieced on her over-locker!  She has done a fabulous job.
Lonnie's quilt has been quilted with  one of my favourite all-over designs - Daisies Galore.  The daisies have been quilted in a pink variegated thread and they certainly stand out on the plain background fabric.
 I hope your niece enjoys her new quilt Lonnie and that it is treasured for years to come.


  1. The loopy daisies are a perfect addition to this quilt Karen! Lonnie and her niece will love this, I'm sure!!

  2. Lovely quilt! The daisies were a perfect choice!

  3. The daisies look really good, I am so impressed. My first thought would have been a custom job, but this looks great. I love the thread color too.


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