Friday, May 14, 2010

Kaleidoscope String Quilt

My customer Tina has made a beautiful Kaleidoscope String Quilt using the tutorial by Film in the Fridge.  String quilts are a wonderful way to use up lots of small scraps.  While they are quite simple to make, I can vouch for the fact that they take quite a while to make - I have an unfinished String Quilt in my UFO pile.  I am sure you will agree that Tina has made a wonderful quilt with striking fabrics and colours.

I quilted Tina's quilt with an all-over design called Windy Meander which is a great swirly pattern.

Sometimes my customers have problems finding an appropriate backing for their quilt top.  Tina on the other hand succeeded in finding the perfect backing fabric for this String Quilt.  Both the colours and pattern tie in beautifully with the quilt top.  The fabric she used was Anna Maria Horner's Garden Party - Up All Night in Blue.

This was Tina's first quilt completed in 35 years - I hope this will be the first of many more quilts Tina.


  1. Funky string quilt! Love the fabrics and the quilting. Beautifully made, Tina.


  2. Stunning.
    The backing fabric is absolutely perfect.

  3. Beautiful quilt! I love strings.

  4. A wonderful quilt indeed! She did a fabulous job, as did you!

  5. As always nice quilting,
    Fabulous work Tina!!

  6. Oh, that's so gorgeous! And I love the Windy Meander pattern. And the back! Everything about it is perfect.

  7. Beautiful quilt and fantastic quilting! Thank you for sharing with us...
    ; )

  8. Wonderful done, as ever, so inspiring to visit your blog!


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