Saturday, May 8, 2010

Zig Zag Quilts

I love Zig Zag Quilts - the variations that can be achieved are endless and they are so simple to make - really just half-square triangles.  I have previously made a Zig Zag quilt myself and have recently quilted two for my customers Heather and Bridie.  I quilted both quilts with the same design - it is a Plume Fern which I adapted into a continuous fern from Quiltingismytherapy's Blog.  Thanks for the demonstration - it came at the perfect time!

Heather's quilt is a modern interpreation of the Zig Zag Quilt with great effect.  I love how the colours fade from bright red at the top through to orange and yellow at the bottom of the quilt.

The plume fern was also easily adapted for the large squares.  Thread colour was changed as I progressed down the quilt.

I love the pattern that the quilting has created on the plain back.

Bridie's quilt is a traditional version of the Zig Zag Design with the use of some striking fabrics and colours.

The quilting of the plume ferns in alternating directions take your eyes across the quilt.

And again, a stunning back.

Thanks Heather and Bridie for allowing me to share your stunning Zig Zag Quilts.


  1. Zig Zag quilts are such an effective design! These are both lovely quilts - beautifully made and quilted.


  2. Two divine quilts finished off with the most amazing quilting by you! I love that you can see the quilting design so beautifully on the back as well as the front. Gorgeous xo

  3. Your quilting is fabulous on both these wonderful quilts!

  4. wow! your quilting and the colors chosen in these two quilts makes them both stunning!

  5. Karen, these look stunning, your giving me great ideas!!

  6. I never thought about making it a continuous design. You did a beautiful job!

  7. Beautifull quilting Karen.
    Makes them look stunning!!


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