Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hexagons Galore

I am always in awe of quilters who have the patience to hand piece.  I am particularly attracted to hexagon quilts and Jessie's Hexagon Quilt is no exception.  Jessie has made a large, scrappy looking, paper pieced hexagon quilt.

As this quilt has so many busy prints and the quilting would not really stand out, we decided to quilt it with an all-over swirly design called Waterworld.  The quilting has again added a lovely texture and movement to the quilt.

Jessie was thrilled when she picked up her quilt - I always love seeing my customer's reaction to their finished quilt.  I hope you are enjoying your quilt Jessie - it must be very satisfying to complete such a large hand-pieced quilt.


  1. Karen! I would have LOVED to have seen this one in the flesh...the piecing looks amazing and I love the extra element that your quilting has given it. Beautiful.

    PS: The glacial quilt is beautiful...have had it on the bed, without binding and even though it doesn't belong to me!

  2. What a beautiful quilt! Someday my hexagon quilt will be finished!

  3. Lots of work in that quilt! Waterworld is such a great versatile pattern!

  4. I'm becoming a bit of a hex-addict myself.
    Gorgeous inspiration here Karen!!
    Andi :-)

  5. What a lot of Patience Jess must have, the quilt looks amazing, and the quilting is awesome.

  6. What a wonderfull hexagon quilt, and the quilting to.
    What happened to your hexagon quild??

  7. Oh how fun to see this scrappy hex instead of those boring grandma's flower garden.....
    just love the quilting you have done to make this even more fantastic.
    I hope someone loves it forever!

    Happy Sewing

  8. Absolutely incredible! Love the contrast of the swirls in the quilting!

  9. Thank you Karen, you've done wonders for my quilt and am absolutely in love with it! xoxo Jessie

  10. Just beautiful I love hexagon quilts.


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